What to do if your promotional product strategy doesn’t work?

Promotional products are regarded as effective marketing, advertising, and promotional tools and they play an imperative role in helping with the growth of your business. A marketer should be selective when choosing promotional products to distribute amongst its customers and clients, and it should make sure that the promotional products are offering a benefit and corporate message to its recipients.

However, not every strategy would be a successful strategy, and not every type of promotional products would be a success for a business. There could be several factors that account for why your promotional products strategy didn’t work for your business—for instance, if your free branded products are distributed and tossed around for nothing, it wouldn’t do any wonders to the growth of your business. You can take the following measurements if your promotional strategy isn’t working for you:

Plan your strategy

If your promotional product marketing strategy was a fail then, you can always re-strategize your strategy before giving up on your efforts. You can look for the factors that were responsible for making the purpose of the branded products inefficient in the first place then, you can replace those factors with something that would actually work to drive results. Giving up shouldn’t be your first and only option, and if re-strategizing doesn’t work for you—you can move to another step.

Learn more about consumer behavior

There are several studies based on the association between consumers and promotional products. By default, the recipients of the products are likely to show an interest in free products, and they might even consider buying a full-sized product if it works for them. You can evaluate your doings, and wonder where you went wrong. Are your customers interested in branded items or promotional tester? If the answer is yes then, you can reevaluate your strategy accordingly.

Sell the items at a bargain price

If none of the above-mentioned strategies work for you then, selling your promotional items to a wholesale seller could be your last resort. Apparently, promotional items are meant to be distributed free of any charges; however, if you choose to give up then, selling the items at a bargain price could help you with restoring your investments rather than losing them all.